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DME Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition


The 2022 of the "coldness", accompanied by Rongchun's demeanor, the cutting industry exhibitions have been carried out in turn, and various brands are ready to go out and launch high -quality products. This spring, define tomorrow with quality, and in the era of comments, the Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition is a non-stop posture, and the first session will be opened on 2023.2.23-26. We participated in this exhibition at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.

For us, the exhibition is just a starting point, not the end point. The real future of the tool industry still requires all practitioners to establish brands and products and services well, so that more customers can buy well -known products as the key starting point.

This exhibition time lasted three days, and new and old customers were welcome to inspect and guide the work.

Post time: Apr-18-2023