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The advantages and disadvantages of PDC composite tablets

PDC composite is also known as diamond composite (PDC-POLYCRYSTALLLINE DIAMOND Compact). Because of its excellent anti-grinding and impact ability, it is widely used in geological drilling and oil drilling. Today, the dry goods knowledge shared by the Buytop editor is related to PDC composite films. Let ’s go to see what advantages and disadvantages of PDC complex films are used to better use it.

PDC composite sheet is a new functional material. It is a composite ultra -hard material made of diamond microflower powder and hard alloy substrates under ultra -high pressure and high temperature conditions. The intensity of hard alloys and anti -rushing toughness are an excellent cutting tool and wear -resistant tool material. It is now widely used in many fields such as metal and non -metal cutting tools, wood processing tools, oil and natural gas drills.
In geological drilling, coal field drilling and oil and gas drilling, PDC composite drill bites have become one of the most commonly used rocky tools due to their excellent cutting rock speed and long service life.
Let’s take a look at the advantages of diamond composite (PDC) drill head:
1. Force balanced design makes the drill head have good orientation. It adapts to the use of underground motor to apply for directional drilling, with a small radial vibration;
2. The reasonable layout of the patented PDC composite of different structures in different positions of the drills makes the drills have strong aggressiveness and anti -research abrasion;
3. Strong offensive design can make the drills get a higher mechanical drill speed;
4. The drilling ability in the rock formation is 10-30 times that of ordinary alloy drills, which improves operational efficiency;
5. Because the material of the PDC drill is mainly for cast tungsten carbide and diamond composite, it has a long life and high value.
At the same time, diamond composite (PDC) drill bit also has its indispensable disadvantages. The conventional PDC drill head has a few shortcomings:
1. Because the line expansion coefficient of polycrystalline diamond and hard alloy is large, the thermodynamic characteristics of polychen diamond and hard alloys are not good at the thermodynamic characteristics of the two. Layon with hard alloy;
2. Most of the PDC surfaces are plane. In order to reduce the number of adhesion and quality inspections of crumbs, polishing is generally used to grind into mirror surfaces to improve surface smoothness, but the cost is high and the anti -sticking effect is not obvious;
3. With the continuous wear of the PDC drill head blade, the surface forms plane or curved surface, and the area of contact with the rock has increased sharply. Drilling, frequent changing drills will increase the drilling cycle and drill costs.
The PDC complexes developed and produced by BuyTop have stronger pressure resistance, excellent rock breaking capacity, excellent anti -grinding and impact resistance capabilities. The latest synthetic technologies make it longer life, stronger anti -aggressive, more resistant to resistance, more resistant to resistance, more resistant to resistance High temperature can effectively maintain the original characteristics in high temperature environments, and greatly improves efficiency for customers’ drilling.
The PDC composite is a product developed to meet the needs of complex strata drilling. It is mainly suitable for oil and natural gas drilling under rigorous geological conditions.

Post time: Sep-05-2023