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We are here-Germany Hanover Machine Tool Exhibition


2023 The German Hanover Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO), exhibition time: September 18th to September 23rd, 2023, exhibition location: Germany-Hanover -messegelände 30521 Hannover Germany-Hannover Conference Center The area of the exhibition: 190,000 square meters, participating audiences: 160,000, the number of exhibitors and the exhibitors of the exhibitors reached 1,700.

EMO is the world’s largest scale in the world, rich exhibits, exhibits leading the world, and the highest grade of merchants and the world. It is the window of the international machine tool industry, the microcosm and barometer of the international machine tool market, and the best market platform for the Chinese machine tool tool company to the world.

EMO will integrate high -tech achievements, display machine tools and mechanical processing equipment in various industrial fields, show the latest technology and production methods, and highlight the development trend of future machine tools. The main focus is cutting and forming machine tools, production systems, high precision tools, automated logistics, computer technology, industrial electronic products and accessories. The producers of machine tools around the world will be exhibited. Internationally influential machine tool companies will exhibit their new products and technologies at the exhibition. More than 600,000 square meters of exhibition area will gather economic and trade delegations and procurement of economic and trade delegations and procurement of countries around the world. Experts and technicians in the group, machine tool industry, and business people.

Range of exhibition

Machine tools: lathe, drilling machines, bedding, milling machines, processing center flexible processing units and systems, transport machinery and power heads, grinding machines, tool grinding, gear cutting and fine processing machine tools, bull -head planes, forming machine tools, inserted beds, inserting beds, inserting beds, inserting beds

Special machinery: Special application pressure machines, rods, facial surface and pipe machining machines, line forming machines, production bolts, nuts and screws and rivets, metal forming machines, electrical corrosion and electrochemical machines, carvings, teaching, teaching, teaching, teaching Machine tools, side beds (virtual shaft machines), micro -machine processing, other machines, welding and air cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment and surface polishing

Tools: Tools, blade, forming tools, abrasives and products, handheld tools, tool installations, tool systems, tool system, pre -balancing of tools, card molds and molds, molds and molds

Parts: parts, components, machine tool accessories, accessories, mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, machine tool electronics and electronics, equipment, control and driving systems, lubrication and cooling, raw materials, waste treatment equipment, safety and environment, workshop equipment, workshop equipment

Machining automation: Manufacturing and processing automation, workpiece and automation of tools, automation and transportation, assembly automation, industrial robots, software for product development, software for machine tools, software, computers, and peripheral equipment for manufacturing, computers and peripheral equipment

Measurement and control: Measurement, measurement, testing, typical data processing, quality control and software


Post time: Sep-21-2023